250 S. Skyline Ste. 6
Idaho Falls, ID 83402

Front Desk

    When coming in you are warmly welcomed by our friendly staff. We take a sincere interest in you and will treat you like family. At the front desk you will check in as well as check out after your dental appointment.


    Our lobby is equipped with television and reading materials for all ages. We have patient education brochures and music for your enjoyment. For your convenience, complimentary water bottles are located in the lobby.

Kids Corner

    Our office caters to all age groups, including children. In our kids corner you can find books and toys for all ages. At the end of a child's dental appointment, they receive a key for the treasure chest where they are able to pick a prize for being such an awesome patient.

Treatment Room

    All of our rooms are computerized for quick and efficient patient care. Each room has the capability of digital x-rays allowing the doctor, dental assistant, and the patient to review x-rays immediately upon taking them. For your pleasure, a flat screen television is mounted above all dental chairs for you to watch during your dental appointment. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is available on request in any room to make your visit more comfortable.

Sterilizing Room

    Infection control and your safety are extremely important at our office. After debriding all instruments, cavicides, dry heat, and autoclaves are used to safely sterilize all of our instruments. Extra time is reserved at the end of an appointment to disinfect all instruments and exposed surfaces, including treatment rooms.


    We are dedicated to providing first class care for our patients using the latest technology and finest materials available. Our in-house lab allows us to perform some of our lab work here at the office to speed up delivery of services to our patients. When work does have to be sent to an out of house lab, we work close with the lab to be sure we have a prompt return. All of our out of house labs are located here in the United States with the majority of them located right here in South Eastern Idaho.